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So You're Going to be Worshipful Master!
by Steven K. Robison, PM, Jackson Lodge #146, Seymour, IN

A Model Master
by M.W. SRO. WN.  Mercer Wilson

An Account of a City Mason's Visit
to a Country Lodge

Reprinted  from the Illinois Masonic News.

The Washington Post and Freemasonry
A November, 2001 article by
Peter Carlson

 Take my hand, Brother
Reprinted from the Southern California Research Lodge

Bible Presentation
Used  when presenting Bible
to a newly Raised Master Mason

The Rite of Discalceation
from the February 2005 SCRL bulletin

Masonic Rituals since the 10th Century
Extracted from a Lecture delivered in
the Witham Lodge, Lincoln, 1863, by
The Rev. G. Oliver, D.D.

Past D.P.G.M. For Lincolnshire

The Development of our Craft Ritual
Compiled from works by:
W. Bro. Harry Carr "Six Hundred Years of Craft Ritual"
W.Bro. Ronald Paul Ng "Some Biblical Passages in Masonry"

 18th Century Masonic Toasts & Songs
Compiled from many sources.

The only Masonic Lodge Meeting 
ever held in King Solomon's Temple
Wor. Bro. Keith Stockley PM Lodge Star of the Rand No. 15

Ballot Box Presentation
Reprinted from the Southern California Research Lodge

Masonic Presidents of the US
Researched and Compiled by the Webmaster

Our Forgotten Presidents
Are you aware that there were Fourteen American Presidents
before George Washington?

George Washington, Freemason
Reprinted from the South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research Bulletin

U.S. Capitol Cornerstone Laying Ceremony
The Columbian Mirror & Alexandria Gazette, September 25, 1793

George Washington tells why he became a Mason
Reprinted from the South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research Bulletin

Abraham Lincoln and Freemasonry
Reprinted from the South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research Bulletin

The Noble Orders of Architecture 
Reprinted from the Southern California Research Lodge

The Secret of the Square
"The first Great Secret of Masonry"

Craft Masonry in South Africa
By Bro Andrew M. Bergman, Lodge Mutual #53 of South Africa

U. S. House of Representatives Masonic Resolution
1st session, January 2005

This Flag of ours
from a post-911 speech attributed to Air Force Major
Brian Shul

The History of Masonry
From Time Immemorial until the 21st Century

There can be no divided allegiance here
Brother Teddy Roosevelt on Immigration

 Honorary Members
Their value to a Lodge

Changes to our Pledge of Allegiance
Since it's creation in 1892

Masonic Compact
by the Grand Master of Masons of New York (2006)

Brother Ben Franklin;
his Masonic writings.

from the Short Talk Bulletin, Oct. 1933

1925 Masonic Education Lecture
Author & location unknown

How our Nation's Capitol could
have been named "Hertburn"

from the Webmaster's personal research

 The Origin and Early History of Masonry
Allyn Weston, The Ashlar, Oct. 1857

Royston Cave
Stewart W. Miner, Short Talk Bulletin, December, 2001

King Solomon's Quarries
"The Israel Freemason"

Pleyel's Hymn
It's Origins and
contribution to our Ritual

Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial
Dedicated to Masonic Brotherhood during our Civil War

The Dudley Masonic Pocket Watch
A very rare watch created with
Masonic emblems as the moving parts

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Please note that many of the above articles were extracted
from the Southern California Research Lodge's
Fraternal Review and other similar publicat.tions.