It has been reported that after his nomination for the presidency in 1860 Lincoln deposited his petition for Masonry in a local Masonic Lodge of Springfield, Illinois. Shortly thereafter, on the theory that such action would probably be construed as political ruse designed to garner votes, he withdrew the petition. Lincoln never became a Mason, and that is to be regretted, but no man in public life, before or since, has exemplified the ideals and precepts of Freemasonry in his everyday life as did Lincoln.

As reported in the New Age magazine of January 1940, the minutes of Tyrian Lodge of Springfield in 1865 state: "That decision of President Lincoln to postpone his application for the honors of Masonry, lest his motives be misconstrued, is in the highest degree honorable to his memory".

(Source: George L. Cashman, authority on Lincoln history)

(Reprinted from the South Dakota Lodge
of Masonic Research Bulletin, March, 2004)



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