Extracted from The Code of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina and will apply to Lodges in North Carolina only.  We refer you to Chapter 81 for the full text and encourage you to read it in its entirety.

"Honorary membership in a lodge shall depend entirely on continuous active membership in some other lodge. It confers no powers, rights, or privileges in the lodge wherein it is conferred, like those of active or full membership. It imposes no duties, is not liable to fees, dues, or assessments either to the lodge or to the Grand Lodge, confers no right to vote or hold office in the lodge, and is neither dual nor plural membership." 

"Any lodge at a stated communication and by unanimous secret ballot, upon a written proposal signed by at least three members of the lodge and received at a previous stated communication not less than twenty-eight days before such ballot, may confer honorary membership upon any qualified Master Mason who at that time shall be a member in good standing of a duly recognized lodge. Such proposal shall not be forwarded to the Grand Secretary and no reference to a Committee of Investigation shall be necessary."  

"No lodge shall confer more than three honorary memberships during a calendar year.

1. Any number of lodges may confer honorary membership on the same individual.

2. An honorary member of a lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction who by any means ceases to be continuously an active member of some lodge shall lose his honorary membership in all lodges in North Carolina, which shall not be restored by a restoration to his active membership." 

"Honorary membership in lodges in this Grand Jurisdiction shall not be liable for any fees, per capita tax, dues, or assessments to either the lodges or to the Grand Lodge."

Honorary members are extremely important to the smaller Lodges which, at times, are unable to fill all the offices with regular members, especially during the conferring of degrees. Such members place absolutely no financial burden on the Lodge and can become an extremely valuable asset.